How to tell her it won't work out without being a jerk?

There is a girl I like. Started talking to her and we clicked instantly. She was interested in me and introduced me to her friends and all that. A great start indeed.

Over the weeks though it slowly degraded away into nothing. She stopped getting excited and seemed busy when I talked to her, I thought I was being needy which made me less motivated to talk to her. I sort of moved on. She still smiles when she sees me... but its getting far less frequent. Yesterday we walked passed and did not even greet each other. Today we met by chance and our conversation was so bland. She still replied and asked me back questions though. My mind was blank, she started talking to her friend and I just walked off (maybe that was jerky).

The connection we had is gone probably 100% because of me. Firstly I could not find time to talk to her, then the small moments we had together I could not move on to interesting conversation because the timeframe was so crammed.

Anyway I got sick of trying to make this work and I just want her to know that I don't think this is going to turn out well. It's just so frustrating seeing her randomly in my day when she has that 'is he going to do anything?' look on her face. I just want her to know that I am no longer pursuing her. I want to tell her this so she knows I moved on. I don't want to 'ghost' on her or act like I'm ignoring her on purpose. Neither is in my nature.
So. . .
The Question: How should I tell her this without hurting her feelings. Which most likely won't happen because she probably no longer cares about me. . . but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Also, do you think she is frustrated with my inability to find time to talk to her and/or take initiative and maybe I am being too defeatist and giving up too early?
I still really like her but I just don't think this can be fixed.
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Work and jerk rhymes. So if you are writing a rap some day you can use those two words.
How to tell her it won't work out without being a jerk?
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