Girls, Would this spoil your mood big time or will you accept his apologies and forgive him?

If you realise that the guy you are dating amd even getting intimate with is a very hairy guy but he hides it well by regular shaving his whole body. He has mastered the skill of nice clean close shave and does that everyday everywhere in the morning shower... But once when you both meet and things get hot you notice he has lot of regrowth of hairs and he tells he has been lot busy and was unable to keep up the body shaving.
He apologize for being hairy infact very hairy guy and hiding it from you.
Would you forgive him and love him the same?
What about the sex at that time?
Hi :)


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  • If that bitch really cares that much about how YOU make yourself comfortable she ain't worth your time boo. It's your body, you do what you want, you shouldn't have to apologize for anything, you did nothing wrong. If she has a problem, push her aside. Not everyone is hairless, it's not a big deal at all, honestly shouldn't even be a topic of discussion.

    • So you want to say they lot of male body hairs isn't an issue with you?
      You can tolerate lot of chest and such hairs?

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  • Why does it have to be something bad? I know I'd feel turned off by a man who shaves everywhere.

    • You would be turned off by a man who shaves?
      Because you want a naturally smoothie?
      Yaa yeah I knew this would be the women's reaction

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    • Not really, what is hard about keeping a decent amount of hair?

    • What is hard in liking a waxed/ shaved guy?
      I can't really like the trimmed cut hairs. I prefer to keep it all shaved clean loke a baby skin

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