She doesn't feel the same attraction and love towards me as she did before?

I'm 21, she is 19, we've been together for 2 years now, i am her first. Our relationship has been quiet the same for a long time, we did stuff together, but in my opinion not nearly enough. In the relationship, i fell into a comfort zone where i work, come home, play video games/watch movies, then i go to her in the evening around 21:00 or 22:00. I want to change my computer addiction and i want to set goals for myself but am very lazy as i said and its hard to for me to go out and do something as my friends are exactly the same as me and we play games and stuff together. So 5 weeks ago, she broke up with me, reasoning being she doesn't feel the same attraction as before and she doesn't feel In love like she used to. I agree i dont feel the same about her as i did but i feel like that is because we dont spend time together or find something to do together. I said i was going to stop playing the computer so much and work on myself, so after a week of doing that we got back together, she gave it another shot. last 3 weeks, the relationship is just the same i fell back into my comfort zone and started being lazy again and have not set goals for school, future and so on. She dumped me last Friday with the reason being the same, She cannot control her feelings and she feels like this is the right thing to do. I agree that we need time apart, I want to use this time to try work on myself whether it leads to us breaking up completely or getting back together. Thing is, she wants to be friends and says we need each other, I am her best friend and she can't imagine losing contact with me, as for me i dont know if i want to get back together or not but I think i would give it another shot in few weeks time. And my questions to you guys is: Do I want to keep in contact with her for the next few weeks? Do you think that if i bring my self esteem up and do stuff for myself that it will bring attraction from her back? I'm very hurt and i dont know what to feel or do i still want herback


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  • I think you need some time to work on yourself and misss her, just keep in contact with her once in awhile but really start to work on yourself before trying to get back with her


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