Being alone is killing me.. if you feel lonely could we make a small group here on gag?

being alone is the same as harakiri without dying.. constantly digging blades into the body and twisting.. i can't go on like this... I'm not being eak but I'm looking to show strength and become stronger together with anyone willing to let me.. let's not be alone anymore... okay?


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  • The best friend of yours is you,
    The more dangerous enemy of yours is you.
    Choose one of'em

    • there's a fact known to us as internal conflict...

      I agree with what your opinion states but I'm at war inside.. and alone on the outside.. I don't know what I did to deserve what I'm going through...

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    • only those who understand true pain can only understand to help one another... I'm grateful for your advise love... thank you

    • You're very welcome, and thanks :)

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