How did your middle school crush go? if you have one right now how is it going?

i just want to know.. does it usually end up in hurt? sorry mine ended really bad


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  • She actually stalked me

    • oh... well isn't that good suggesting that you had a crush on her?

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • Hahah I had TONS of crushes lol </3
    Mmm my real crushes started in HS though.
    But the Middle school ones never happened.
    I like a guy who was 18 when I was still 14 and they don't date younger girls in my HS </3 he doesn't even know I exist although when I went to college and moved to Paris, I met his brother, and somehow his brother recognized me ( I also had a crush on his brother but never talked to him) so he came to me and greeted me :)
    Middle School crushes are the most worthless, the real ones start in HS

    • ya most middle school girls would say "oh you still like him its been one year girl get over him"
      ... the one that i was talking about was actually my first big crush (i know its really early) i always thought i had crushes in elementary and the one before this one... those weren't real crushes cause those didn't hurt

    • cool :) (about the highschool story)

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  • Almost all school crushes/relationships end badly. People's personalities still change, especially when in middle school, and it is unlikely that you will still like each other later. You should wait at least until you are 16 to have a chance of it lasting.

    • ya i guess i just wished i had listened to the guy that gave me the basically the same advice 2 years ago... you know when you were this age... you never listen until its too late to save your soul

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  • I wrote the MY TAKE article below about my middle school crush, so what do you think?

    • ill go check it out..:)

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    • All my point was, is sometimes even years later, that first Junior High Crush, never goes away...

    • thanks for the advice

  • SO the guy I'm crushing on hooked up with someone else in my uni flat an brought a different girl back as well. He keeps leading me on and then drops me like I'm just something on the side. It's killing me especially since he was the one that approached me. There's a reason it's called a crush.

    • hey im 13, i might be a bit more inexperianced than you but I recently found out the guy was leading me on for 2 years for the attention (he knew i liked him a year ago and he didn't like me) but he still put me in the same stupid loop that made me end up how i feel today... ya you are right about the crush thing... sorry about me rambling im not mad its just i needed someone to vent that too again really sorry

    • It's no problem vent away. Not all crushes end badly but this one did. It's the worst thing being led on and then to find out it was all in your head, I'm in this situation now at 18. One day you will find a boy who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Don't let one idiot boy get you down.

    • i dont think it was all in my head... he gave me soo many mixed signals it was a pretty rough year last year

      - got jealous over a guy talking to me
      - awkward stares at each other all the time
      -i always had to come up to him
      -knew i liked him for 1 year never told me
      -ignored me and then hit me with the stare
      -got jealous again
      - after he heard that i said "i want to slap him in the face"... he would rather make a fucking plan to find out how i feel about him than directly come up to me
      -avoids me but always with the stares
      and leading up to the last straw
      one of my guy friends talked to him
      he told me that my crush didn't like me... and this was in the middle of October
      to this day it still hurts me 😭

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