I'm so confused! What should I do?

My ex has has a tendency (especially these last 2 times) of coming in and out of my life, and everytime he has left it's always been because he found someone else. Every time he comes back he always tells me how much he misses me and loves me and blah blah blah, then after a few short months he becomes distant and starts pulling away.

I confronted him about this in August when he came back and he had nothing to say. I told him, "eventually you'll get bored and leave like you always do." On Saturday I was asking him how he was doing and he says, "been better." I asked him what was wrong and he replied, "if you really want to know I'll tell you, but you won't like it." I told him, "ok" so he proceeds to tell me. At that point I already knew that it was about another girl. He tells me that one of his friends tried to have sex with him, I told him why would I be upset with that? Then he goes on to say that he likes her, almost possibly loving her. Then he goes on to tell me that the whole thing felt awkward, that he wishes that he could take it back and for things to go back to how they were between him and his friend. I told him to tell her that you just want to be friends and she might leave you alone. I then told him whatever the case maybe I hope that she makes him happy. Well, he didn't like that I said that.

I'm a bit confused, just a week ago we were flirting and he told me that he loved me, now he's in love with his friend. I wanted to ask if he still loved me, but I didn't want to sound desperate. For once our conversation didn't end in a fight, but after our conversation I felt really hurt and betrayed. I haven't talked to him since Saturday morning. I want to tell him how I feel, but if I do it will just be another argument. The last time we spoke he said that he had a lot on his mind so I didn't want to bother him. I'm giving him some space, but I'm also giving myself some thinking room too.


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  • He is player and doesn't know what he wants! He doesn't deserve your attention


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  • stay away form him


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