Have you ever cared about someone but pretended not to because you knew they deserved better?

i think this is what my ex did to me because in person he would act like he was so in love with me but over text he was so cold and said he didn't care. he cheated on me and then blocked me and said he had no feelings, but a few months later unblocked me which makes me think he only let me go so i could be happy


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  • I have never done this but I think my crush is doing that. She is a second banana sister and I have been flirting with her for a while. She knows that I like her. We were getting closer then she suddenly started ignoring me unless I went over and talked to her. Then her face lights up like I just came into the room. Oddly enough her hugs are also seemingly closer and warmer.

  • seems more to me that he was a selfish bastard that only cared about himself.

    • meaning what?

    • meaning that you cared about someone when you really should not have.

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  • nope I can't imagine them deserving better than me ;)

    • from what i said is it possible this is what my ex did?

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    • i messaged him and he didn't reply, should i feel embarrassed?

    • No but don't do it again!

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