Mind game or real love?

Please help me, I'm sorry this is such a long question, but I need your help so please read.

We dated two years ago, broke up for a year and a half (I ended it only because he got distant). Then I got back in touch with him because I wanted to show my support so I went to one of his shows. He suggested we catch up. During our catch up I was trying to do the right thing by not mentioning the past, keeping it light and breezy and positive... and he - unprovoked - started saying all these little hints that he wanted to get back together, started holding hands, said I LOVE YOU... couldn't have been more clear in my mind. So I got my hopes up. And then after two weeks of dating again - something I was so happy was happening - suddenly I get a facebook message ending it. The biggest reason he mentioned was that he didn't want to hurt me again... he didn't see himself being faithful to me if we continued.

Does this sound like someone who does love me but is worried about cheating again (he kissed a girl once during our first relationship, I forgave him, people make mistakes), or does this sound like someone who played a terrible mind game on someone who he knew still loved him? Isn't someone who's afraid to hurt me someone who cares?

Please tell me your thoughts. I'm so confused and there's no one in my life who can help me sort out what has happened.
Mind game or real love?
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