Pushing away? Can you guys help me figure this out?

hello again I've been so lost lately with my ex. I feel very strongly for him. I have this gut feeling that he really isn't over me and he just pushed me away because he's dealing with so much with himself. He has no job doesn't go to school (he's almost 20) and is at home (his moms house) alone all day sleeping. The time before the break up was fine he said he needed to get himself together and I think it ended because I kept saying I didn't feel like he cared and I think I was starting to break him down more. He said things like we would get back together etc. I then texted him a week later because he had unadded me he later said it was an accident because he was Unadding people he didn't talk to and probably wasn't paying attention and I was wondering why after he said we would get back together after he got himself together.(he couldn't love himself) he said that he had stopped caring about everything and really doesn't talk to anyone anymore. He wants me to move on and find someone better than him but I feel like he's pushing me away because he doesn't want me to wait and can't seem to get his life together not because he stopped liking me. What do you guys think? He also said that he didn't feel good enough for me and I think it's because of him not having a job and loving me right because he can't love himself. He told me that I was out of his league and before when we had this talk his ex he felt was in his league because she was in his league and not as pretty as me. He has a lot of Insecurities about himself and his appearance. I can text him and I don't feel like I'm bothering him he hasn't said anything or blocked me so I don't know what's going on.
Pushing away? Can you guys help me figure this out?
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