Some advice how to handle this break up?

I have worked months to get the girl of my dreams and when it happend. It was soooo good, she was perfect for me. She was good with my parents and my friends. When I was in the hospital, she visited me everyday. She was studying for being a nurse, so she had a really caring behavior. Then we went on vacay, to greece. It wasn't my idea cause our relationship was still fresh. But she was certain of our love. We really were together for most of the time and slept together every weekend. But then on vacay everything changed. She went cold and then weeks later she broke up with me. Two days later she wanted me back cause she missed me. I took her back. Saying we were going to work for our love. Then two week laters she broke up with again. This time for real. I felt soooo bad and I still do. When I went to get my clothes, she was really cold, saying she doesn't love me anymore and she was already over me. I know why it ended, she was an independent person and was dependent of her. She didn't want the boy that she was caring for but the man who she can grow with. I know the problem, so I can work on it but it takes time. I think I have no chance with her anymore and it makes feel sick. She really felt like the one, I know there other girls out there with whom I also will feel great. But the level I was on with my ex was just unique...
So today she send me text about my tshirt. She bought a new one to replace mine (the washing machine fucked it up). I said no never mind then, keep it. Cause it would feel like a gift to me. She said what should i do with it? I said give it to the next one. Was it stupid cause i feel like it, bit immature

Also she deleted me on everything cause some girl tagged me in something and she didn't want to see that but i can do what I want she said. Don't what to think of it, i mean she is over me...


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  • Hey, I'm sorry for your breakup man, I know how much it hurts and how it's probably the worst feeling you've ever experienced, I've been recently going through a breakup as well. You two were just not ready or mature enough for a relationship of that caliber. If you acted the way you said you did then she probably got freaked out because she felt that things were moving too fast. You need to accept that she's just not ready for that type of commitment even if you are. This makes you both incompatible even if you do get along great, your needs and wants are not met and hers aren't either as well. She was not the one, if she was then you'd still be together.
    It wasn't her that made your love so special, it was you. I saw a video while getting over my ex and I think you should watch it, it might help you :)

    • I hope that makes you realize that you did your part, but unfortunately she was not ready to do hers. You created the feelings you have for her and that bond you feel for her, she was unable to do the same with you. You can go out and recreate that with someone else who is ready to create the same bond with you.

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    • I seriously understand where you're coming from and it's okay to feel sad about it, she meant a lot to you. I know how much it hurts that she's no longer with you and how you'd do anything to be with her again and show her that you really are the man that she wants you to be. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen, it just isn't, no matter how much you wish all of this was just a nightmare or not real. No matter how much you wish she'd just walk through that door and everything would be back to exactly how things were during the good times, it's not going to happen. I know I keep repeating myself, but you have to accept that it's all over, that's the first step of getting over her. I want you to think back to the relationship and think hard, look for all the red flags that were present (I'm sure there were if you're being honest with yourself) and accept that there were signs that the relationship wasn't as great as you think it was and that it was doomed to fail, whether you did

    • your best or not. Remember, it takes two to tango. Believe me, you'll get over this, time heals all wounds. Get your life back on track and just do you for now and as soon as you think you can, try dating again. Everyone has that one person that breaks their heart completely and it's a good thing that this happened to you. I know it might not seem like it now, but it is. No other relationship is going to teach you more than this one. You now have all the tools and skills necessary to make an even better relationship in the future, isn't that great? there are MILLIONS of girls out there MILLIONS and trust me there are ones that are even more compatible than your ex, isn't that exciting? Any day now, you might go on your last first date.

  • You seem emotionally intelligent so I don't think that you will have any problems meeting other girls like that. I am aware that it hurts. But if I were you, I would be happy that I have acknowledged my mistakes.


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