Advice on breaking it off with him?

Me and this guy have been in a long distance kind of relationship for a few months. I say kind of because there was no move made for making it official, he just one day out of the blue said "you mine." And it was great at the start but now, we hardly talk. Im not blame him because he works everyday. But only three words are said literally everyday. Or he will reply a day or two days later. Im left at the side. Again if its work then its not his fault but... i just dont feel the same way anymore. Before he would make time to talk to me. And now its like he doesn't even try. He pops up here and there, sometimes he'll say he's at home just smoking weed, but still, hardly ever talk. He doesn't like talking on the phone or video chatting me either. The only place he will send videos to me is on snapchat. I dont feel like im getting anything out of it...
Advice on breaking it off with him?
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