Is she letting me off easy?

My girlfriend and I broke up last Friday, our second breakup. Main reason of breakup is that she feels she doesn't have the same attraction/feelings for me as she once did. Tbh, i think the problem is that im very lazy, late to work often and sit on my ass playing computer games too much. Anyhow, last time we got back together I think she gave it another chance because after we broke up I did things like GYM, and went out more and just did stuff and wanted to work on myself. That failed after we got back together though, i got back to my comfort zone and here i am 5 weeks later again without her. I think she's very dissapointed and kinda had enough. I think that if I start working on myself, apply for college, get a job i actually like, stop sitting all day doing nothing and being a lazy ass our relationship deserved 1 more chance as we've been together for 2 years now I am her first and it feels wrong to break up a 2 year relationship that i feel can be worked on. I'm not going to bother even trying to get her back with me right now, but i feel like if I can improve and work on myself without only it being for her but myself for a fair amount of time (1-2) months at least, she might see the relationship working out if I truly have made an effort to change things and not it being bullshit like last time. Back to my point though, I told her that I don't know if i want to be friends, especially if we are going to go out and party and stuff, that it would only drag me down to see her on snapchat etc and then talking to her. and she said she really does not want to lose contact with me and she feels that we really need each other as we are best friends and trust each other with everything.
So i wanna ask, what is she thinking? why does she seem to want us to be friends after a breakup, is it a sign she hasn't lost all hope? And do you think that from what iv'e said so far, that we could get back together IF I do the things i know she wants me to do. I'm 21 she's 19.
Is she letting me off easy?
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