Not sure what is going should I talk to him?

So we had another fight, in which I tell him that if he doesn't do this then I dont know if I can do "us" anymore even though we do love eachother and he does like me. The problem is that I did sleep over last night and it was super weird, cause he was like I want you to write some 12 step plan for us, well I did but he already was like super tired and was like well I dont sleep with "friends" im like uhm okay? Like because he doesn't clearly say " we have broken up" instead he just says im his friend, the next morning he wakes me up by just doing what he usually does by playing around, and he like would you like to have one last time as in sex, im like no. When he says try and leave he'll hold my ankles and hold me so I wouldn't leave, and he was just like hey friend, keep is cool g, and stuff like that even though everything is still left on our social media pictures of us together, and in our info thing sys when we started dating, and especially on fb its still on there, and our profile pictures are still of both of us, and he has been on his social media, so Im not clearly sure what is going on, I haven't talked to him at all today except this morning. So i have been giving him his space, and just waiting for him to say something, I have no clue if I should keep waiting and ask like what are we? or like you haven't clearly said the words lets break up, he did say we can make an agreement like is mutual and im like well im not on the same page as you... so like its all a big what is going on kind of thing...
Not sure what is going should I talk to him?
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