She has texted me 8 times in the past 3 months what gives?

Me and my ex broke up 9 months, 2 weeks after the break up she got into another relationship (rebound) which failed a couple months ago.

First 3 months post break up I never heard a word from her, 4 month she started checking "seeing how I was doing" at the 5th month (my bday) she sent me a happy bday text (only time I broke NC) I just said thanks. She tried to start a convo but I told her I was busy and went back NC.

6 months I bumped into one of her close friends. Her friend told me my ex has changed into a different since she been with the new guy, parties, drinks, try to pick fights, etc. But idc cause it's the path she picked.

7th month mark is when she started just sending me random text like "Hey" "What Are You Doing" "I see you're doing good im proud of you". I didn't budge stuck NC.

8th month she send me a picture of me and her and said "look what I just found" remained NC

today 9th month she randomly text me "CONGRATS ON BECOMING A UNCLE" but I'm sticking NC

i know her and the guy she had a very bad fall out but she still claims "she's in love with him even though he hurt her".

but why don't she get the concept of if I haven't replied to your text get lost


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  • I guess she misses you. Obviously she got into a relationship quickly (after breaking up with you), but since that's failed she can probably see the good times you two had with each other and she probably cherishes it more after her fall out

    • I agree with you @mooky06 just to let you (Asker) know, you're doing a GREAT job ignoring her! I clap for you! Although the way she behaves now seems miserable, but it's too late for her to get you back. Continue ignoring her, if she still pesters you and check your daily life, if you feel uncomfortable, you can make silent movement to make her give up on you (eg. block her on social medias such that she can't text you or check you up etc).

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    • She followed me on social media a couple days ago, then messaged my best friend asking if I changed my number.

      There's no need to reach to her when she's on social media saying she's in love with the guy she broke up with.

    • I think you know what is going on now. It seems obvious to me. If you have an interest getting into contact with her then cool, but if you don't just ignore her

  • She obviously wants you back. Stop playing games and talk to her.
    If your relationship is about seeing who can ignore better, i assure you there is no future.

    Love plays on the same team ;)


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