Is it ok that I'm avoiding my best friend?

ok so a month ago my ex and I were dating but after about 5 days at most she told him that she was jealous of us so he started acting different around me so that's when I started avoiding her and then we eventually broke up and after a week they get back together so I basically won't even talk to her anymore. it kills me seeing them together.. I was stuck with them together on Tuesday and without even looking at them much I still wanted to cry.
  • I understand why you're avoiding her
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  • you shouldn't be avoiding her
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  • I understand but you still shouldn't be avoiding her
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  • Dude! She doesn't sound like a good friend. Fuck her. Find someone who isn't a boyfriend stealer.

  • Sigh, the most tragic triangle relationship is when 2 girls/boys fall for the same boy/girl when the 2 "fallers" are bffs. It's one of the most hurtful rs. I cannot feel how you feel because I've never felt that major sharp pain before, seeing my bff be with a guy i love. It is ok to avoid her. Completely normal for you to do that. The sad thing is that you lost your boy and your bff. If it hurts to see them both tgt, I suggest you don't contact them again. Distant yourself from them as far as possible. I bellieve after you went though this tough moment, you will be stronger, and find someone you really deserve, the one who treats you his Queen. God bless you and stay strong! :)

    • yea only thing is he fell for her, she liked him, then I liked him, then he like me, then I love him, then he loves me, then she love him

    • Wow, the way you described sounds like he's a person who can't stand firm! Liking your friend, after a while liking you. He shouldn't be this way. It makes it seem like he's part of (more) the cause for your friendship and rs.

    • actually he loved her since my best friends and my freshman year and I'm junior now and he started liking me like less than a year ago

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