So I guess we weren't friends?

I don't have a lot of friends, and had very few "girl" friends in the past, so this is probably affecting me more than it should...

I knew this girl for a few months. We hung out and texted. We liked to make fun of each other and we opened up a bit and shared stories. I began to look forward to going to classes because of her.

After school ended, I tried to continue to hang out with her, but she was busy with her other friends. You know, her "real" friends. She did seem to try to get me in, but now looking back, I think she was just saying that and "being nice".

She remembered my birthday and my interviews and always talked to me on those days.

Anyway, when she didn't make any time for me, we lost contact for about four months. I re-initiated because I missed talking to her and she responded. We had a little text conversation and I thought to myself it must mean something that she responded to me and didn't ignore me.

A couple weeks later, I asked her to hang out; specified an activity, day, time. It took me a lot of courage to do it because I didn't know how she would react after all this time. A lot of courage.

She told me she'd get back to me because she might be at her friend's party during that time.

I thought she would get back to me. After all, every time she said something like that, she did.

But she didn't. The event/activity passed and not a peep from her.

I feel like I've been left hanging. It's useless to say anything to her because I'm obviously not important enough to be taken seriously or to be remembered. Or if she's avoiding me, which is a shame, then there's no point in saying anything.

Now that I think of it, she's a bar going person, a party going person, so she has guys falling over her all the time. There's probably no room for me.


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  • it sounds like you read into it more than what it was.

    she probably liked you as a casual friend and is a nice friendly person, but you met in class so you most likely weren't THAT close. sometimes it happens, don't let it get you down

    • I know we weren't THAT close, but you have to start somewhere.

      I began to invite her to hang out outside of class near the end of classes and she did.

      I guess I don't have anything then.

    • Like we began to do one on one things, like sporting events, etc.

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  • After reading your story, you seem like a level headed guy with a good understanding and maturity level. I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes people move in and out of our lives just move on you'll make plenty of friends soon, I'm sure of it!


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  • I don't see a question here but I think you've got it right, sorry.


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