Met a guy long distance thought it was wonderful even as friends until he slowed contact, now he said it's okay if we just chat from "time to time"?

He says he can't see having much of a relationship with a woman he can't see. Isn't it if he really cared he would want to continue being my friend. We went from talking every day to talking a lot less, to not talking at for days until I asked him if we should just end contact, that's when he said it's okay to just chat from time to time but he can't see much of a relationship with a woman he never gets to see. I told him if we were closer we could meet as friends, and asked if he is basically really just happy talking "time to time", to which his only reply was yes. I told him I thought we were better friends than that and it made me sad but it's better we just don't talk I guess. I told him I wish him the best and thanked him for the time we spent and everything happens for reason and for him to take care. He just said thank you and I know I have ended it on my part and I am just thinking, it seems he just wasn't interested and didn't want to end it.


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  • Probably the best. You don't want to get too attached to each other and never be able to meet up. That would be more painful to get over. Its better if you just end it now, and find someone that lives closer.

    • Thanks for your opinion! Don't you think if really cared about me he would stay a close friend or at least have made an attempt to make plans to see each other, not just at the end say something about not wanting to talk more because he can "never" see me? Just trying to figure that out

    • Yes, definitely. If he really cared about you at all he would have made the effort to stay in touch and meet up with you.

    • :) yes thanks, and when he says he wanted to chat from "time to time", that is not really in touch to me lol. Thanks! :)

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  • Maybe i was afraid in a face to face meeting it wouldn't be that nice as online

    • Maybe, but that's what trying things are for. If he really cared I think he would have waited and tried to meet up instead of just basically saying we could talk every once and a while. To me he was basically asking me to stop things.

    • You are right

  • I think , he didn't have the money to come and visit you. Long term relationships need you to travel long distances and that involves money.

    • Thanks, he had the money, which makes me realize even more it was just a lack of feelings. Thank you!

  • maybe that's better to both of you.


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