How does no contact rule work if they are also using it on you?

Im having great difficulty enforcing myself to stick with no contact. my ex dumped me 11 days ago over text and nothing since. We had a fight about moving in together and he's not ready for that, i get that and we talked it through and thought we were good and before i left he told me how much he loved me. we were together 2 years. I admit i blew up his phone looking for answers the 1st few days. after that i gave up... i lasted a, week before trying to kindly ask for my things at his house, with no response. im going to try this no contact thing again, but how does it work when he's already ignoring me? also, how do i get my stuff?(nothing super important , just sone clothes and kitchen stuff and photos)


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  • It's over permanently and completely. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Call the police to meet you at wherever your things are just to keep the peace and get your stuff. Then stop all communication and get on with your life without him.


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