If you liked a girl who lived long distance, would you tell her that you don't want to talk very much because of the distance?

Met this guy, we decided to be friends and talked everyday for a while, then it slowed to no contact for days. Asked him we should just move on and not talk, he said he is happy to talk "time to time" but can't see much of a relationship with a woman he can "never" see. I didn't tell him we can never see each other, but thought if we kept being friends one of us could travel to meet up. Instead he said this, so I just told him that's not a close friend to me and it's better we just don't talk. What is your opinion?


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  • It depends on how far we are talking and how much I like this girl. If I really really loved her I'd do whatever it took to make it work.

    I feel like you made the right decision by stopping contact with him.

    I assume from your username that you're religious. God will bring the right man into your life, just have faith.


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  • I believe in the concept of ---"SEEING IS BELIEVING" . You need to see each other often. That is the best way to take your relationship forward.


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