Girls, Does she still love me?

I was with this girl for 8 months and she was in love with me, and I loved her, then she broke up with me. 3 weeks prior she was still saying she loved me.
When we broke up, she never said the words, I actually told her if she wanted to break up, she didn't answer but then I said if she wanted us to just be friends and she said yes. She also said she had to figure out stuffs in her life, that she was lost and doesn't know who she is, she is seeing a counselor right now. She also gave me the classic, it's not you, it's a me problem, and I have to figure it out by myself. She said she can't deal with a relationship, that she doesn't want to be with anyone ever again (She had a little break down).
It turns out she has commitment issues (her parents divorced) and she doesn't handle stress well.

Anyways, we keep seeing each other, and I try to be cool, I smile, joke with her, and overall look happy. Now a couple times as I was leaving she gave me this hug and put her head on my chest, and I gave her a kiss on the forehead (force of the habit) and she didn't react negatively. Do you think it's a sign she still think of me? I read that people with depression tend to push the one they love away, but I also read that when a girl stops loving a guy she would slowly push him away...
I'm still hoping to go back with her, but I don't want to get my hopes high. I'm lost.


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  • If a girl stops loving a guy she WILL try to push him but NOT if she has depression. I have depression and I get support from my partner and I love him. Maybe she likes you and trying to play hard to get OR she is just under stress, depression. It's not easy.. I advice you to talk to her about her feelings because that's what I always want from my partner but he sometimes don't ask me even tho I want hugs , kisses , talks and that 😐

    • She is on the defensive every time I try to talk to her. Her counselor told her she has commitment issues and can not handle stress well. So yes she is really stressed. She still want me in her life but the pressure gf/bf is too much for her. And she says that it's something she has to work on by herself. I read a lot about depression and I know that people react differently to it. Some push the ones they love away, like she did with me, but when she hugs me I know she still loves me.

    • Yes you are right, I have depression but never felt like I want to push out my partner away, but I pushed away people, a lots of them. I knew some people whom have depression pushing away people they LOVE the most. The best thing to do right now is to talk to her and always be with her. Ask her how she feels and support her because depression really sucks 😐 I see that she still loves you but it's very good that you still understand that it's her depression acting. :)

  • I'm reading the questions here in GAG, why the hell all the dumpers have the same excuses? "I'm lost, I need time, I don't know what to do but I'm still in love with you, I need a break... etc"
    My ex who was in crazy love with me left me saying all this stupid excuses, why the hell they all use the same excuses, this is really a question that makes my head spin but I really need an answer.

    • Yeah that's annoying. The fact that she is going to counseling makes me believe this time it's true this time though ! :p

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