Why did my ex message me after telling me never to message him?

He was annoyed didn't want to go to his place to give him bag his back, because that would lead to sex and I did that once, and felt bad as we're not together now. He blocked me on whatsapp because he felt rejected. After I talked to him, he said it's not jus about sex, we got on well and he misses that. I don't know how much the breakup hurt & he's sure it wasn't fun for me either. He wanted to come to mine and make me breakfast in the morning without sex, but I didn't meet him.

In a moment of depression i messaged him that I could bring it but not stay over. Then I changed my mind & it got into an argument after he laughed and said whatever. He told me to throw that bag in the bin (I got it for his birthday), and he's blocked me on whatsapp and wants to block my texts but he can't, so please don't message him again.

I told him where to go and said he only cares about himself. Then I said I hope he finds the girl that wants what he wants, because I don't think there is one.

Today he messaged me "hope you're ok"


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  • He isn't a man of his word, his feelings for you are still there, the weakling

  • Yeah, he still likes you

  • Probably had time to calm down


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