Girls, This is for the lady's please help?

Mind my grammer typeing on this phone

here we go I will tell you a little about my self I am 26 I am self employed I have one kid he is with me 75% he is my whole world when he is not with me and seeing his mom I am ether at work or at the gym

we will start here no excuses no symapathy wanted. Just looking for advice or understanding why I am the way I am i will give a little insite. On me just put it this way the big giant inked up jacked guy That grew up on the other side of the tracks I am not that guy anymore. Inleft that life behind me long time ago when I found out I was going to be a father things did not work with his mother I tried my best I am no saint. But I could not deal with the cheating and the lieimg anymore so i left everything to her all she cared about wasn't me just what I could give her and get her 4 years I spent working 14 18 hour days supporting my family And always being ther putting them first. But my question Is my sister my friends. The people close to me say it all the time cause I only attract. Sorry lady's but fast easy lazy girls. Who just one. Money image and things. From me none care about me. But that's what i attract that's what I date that's what I keep around like I don't deserve a good women who is loyal and faithful and treats me good. Is greatful I work so hard and take care of my kid and her and do anything for them why. Do I always. Attract. Women like this and keep them but a good women who wants to grow and be. With me. For me why don't I give them the time of day or attention just pass them. Bye and No i do not let. Random. Women around my kid me and his mother have been apart for a year now Been on dates seen these girls. That's. dated. One. But never involved my kid but all same resault comes down. Only with me for the looks the money the image and just be taken care of all of them put up a good front that ther. Not like that but it all comes out. Why do I do this to my self


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  • hey there, ok as youve asked for honesty here's my opinion you are coming towards 28 a massive shift in any persons life whether you believe in astrology or not, i do, you are 26 so in the last phase which is from 21 to 28 so im betting your whole deal with the mother relationship and child has been in this time period. also as you seem someone who is aware of themselves even though a little stuck in a rut, we will keep doing the same things creating the same kind of events to prove a point to ourselves upto the point we stop and bloody listen. you are already listening hence what you have said why are you repeating the same thing, because you have to until you listen to yourself and let yourself believe you deserve more and are worth more, perhaps all you need is this one person telling you what you already know, you know what you want, you know you are stopping yourself from achieving it too, you keep doing the same thing creating the same results and you are fully aware along the way its not right, so what should you do, its simple, remember a kaleidescope from your childhood, just turn the viewer, act one little way differently and you will change your life... all the time you are interacting with girls that won't work out and you know it, that will create a negative effect on you despite your good intentions and self belief, so you are stopping yourself and hurting yourself and your child in fact even though you say you do not involve them, even that deserves credit my friend as so many people do not do this and have this respect for their children, have much more faith in yourself, happy to chat via messenger if you would like xx

  • First of all good on you for not letting any women in your kids life yet - I'm a firm believer of not meeting the kids until it's serious.

    Where are you meeting these ladies?

    • Meet them all over from stores gym walking my dog clubs. Bars. All over the place

    • I'd take the bars out of the equation if you're looking for a serious partner. And date, don't go all out straight away buying them things or showing money. Sure take her out for dinner if you invited her but that shouldn't be a display of wealth in itself. If you want someone to like you for you and not your possessions or social status then don't show those things until they know you and you're sure of their intentions. Don't sleep with them for a month or two to see if you can develop an emotion connection outside the physicality.

  • I didn't ask for your life story


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