One of my exes contacts me and apologizes. My more recent ex, who I live with and is also my best friend, leaves?

This is a really tough situation. I don't know how it got so complicated and so 'teen-drama-ish' but it did.

Last year in the spring, I went out with a girl who ended up breaking up with me after two months. I really thought she was a good person, and I never really understood why she broke up with me. I just thought that she didn't really love me.

In the fall, I went out with another girl. She liked me at first and I originally just saw her as a friend so declined, but I realized I couldn't deny our chemistry and how much I cared about her so we got together. I unfortunately ended up breaking up after one month, because I realized you can get along extremely well with someone as best friends, and it doesn't mean it clicks romantically as partners. The reason I did it so fast is because I wanted there to be a chance for us to eventually be friends again. In under one month, we were already being friends again and we actually moved in the same apartment with another girl. We were setting some rules to respect our history while still making it possible to move on. The thing is, when you're that close to someone you've been intimate with, and you do everything together, it turns to sex very quickly. We ended up having sex A LOT. Things were clear for the both of us. We were not a couple, we were not gonna get back together, but our relationship was ambiguous and complex and sex was just so good between us. Although we used protection every single time, she still ended up getting pregnant... things were hard for us because we both really want to be parents some day and she wants to be a school teacher. We ended up betting an abortion a couple of weeks ago.

Today, out of nowhere, the ex-girlfriend I went out with in the spring last year contacts me on Facebook to apologize about the way she treated me and our relationship. I asked her to clear up something that I didn't really understand about the way our relationship ended, she ended up explaining exactly why she broke up and expressed regret for not appreciating what she had and being so unstable about her education choices last year - for which she broke up, she wanted to move to NYC to go to another college, we're in Los Angeles - which causes her treat with what she called selfishness. I forgave her, which I honestly already did in my mind a long time ago, because sure she didn't handle things perfectly, but she didn't do anything that was that bad and she seems to be a genuinely good person.

The fact that she sent me a message didn't sit well with my other ex, who ended up telling me she cannot be friends with me. She said she could oversee some of my habits and flaws because she loved me, but could not see me as just a friend. In summary, I cherish our friendship because I think we get along very well as friends but aren't as good a match as boyfriend and girlfriend, whereas she loves when we play couple but can't see me as a friend only anymore.

In the end, I seriously see nothing that I
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I seriously see nothing that I can do to fix this situation.
One of my exes contacts me and apologizes. My more recent ex, who I live with and is also my best friend, leaves?
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