Why does my ex boyfriend still want to see me?

so he broke up with me yesterday lol, I cried for an hour or so. Anyways, he still wants to see me. he claims that he broke up with me because everyone told him it was wrong to date a sophomore when you're a senior (you'll end up separating in distress), and I was going to break up with him earlier because of that but I chose to accept it (I did beg him to stay with me but eh i changed my mind, he wasn't really amazing but I got a little feely for him ). anyways what does this mean?


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  • You haven't worked your way through your feelings yet - Hear him out then decide

    • ugh but why does he still want to see me?

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    • my intuition told me

    • That is very strange - It seems he is afraid of being physical with you in case people get wrong idea - I would say it is okay to be together but not have sex till you are 18 and see what he says to that.

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  • hunny, you're a sophomore so around 15-16 correct? and he's a senior so 17-18. considering the ages which you both should be, it sounds to me like your both VERY immature for your age. I mean i had a loving lasting relationship from when I was 14-18 and you two sound like a bunch of 12 year olds. Him being conditioned by what others tell him to do, and both of you playing the "who breaks up with the other person first" game is sooooo unbelievably childish for your age. I honestly can't believe what I read, grow up and then start dating. This relationship is totally meaningless


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  • It's REALLY hard in the beginning ! But it's better to now distance yourself from him once and for all
    I don't know why he might want to see you again but I'm sure you'll get over him just don't look back

  • It sounds kinda crazy and immature.
    You both need to be more matured for a realistic and successful relationship.

    And why did he broke up with you if he wants to see you?

    • so he told me he can't imagine me being with other guys , we are back together

    • This time make sure everything goes well between you two so that you don't break again because successful couples don't break. Good luck.

  • dude... just stop all contact with him. he is a jerk when i would tell him. "when you decide to grow up and be mature, come back to me, for now bye b*tch"


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