I'm trying too hard, but do I give up? relax and let it run its course?

me and this guy have liked each other for about a month. 2 weeks ago we hung out for the first time, the next day he told a friend of a friend that he was going to ask me out. the Wednesday after that, he gave me his sweatshirt, and then on Friday things got really weird. we didn't talk until Monday, and we didn't hang out Saturday like we had planned. we talked real little this past week, and we made plans to hang out again Saturday (today). but he said he couldn't because his dad had to go out of town. do I give up? I really don't know what to do, the other night he said he really liked me, and now it's all weird again..and we don't really get to talk a lot in person, and that's the only reason he didn't ask me out. and I get that, but whenever I try to talk to him in person, he's surrounded by like 10 other guys. and it's intimidating even though he's really sweet, and no one else finds him intimidating. he's kinda shy and quiet and so am i. I just need a little help. we used to talk from when we got home to 3 in the morning on school nights and all that. now I'm lucky if we talk at all. please help. my friend said I'm 'pushing the universe' trying to be with this guy. I'm trying too hard, but do I give up? relax and let it run its course? please help.


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  • Relax and let it run its course.


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