After break up, what is going on his mind?

We had been together only for one month and we broke up 2 weeks ago.
Even though I tried to stay in this relationship, he wanted to walk away and was bored most of time with me. I was just too busy with school and work. I felt like he was impatient.
But when I asked him " you dont wanna see me anymore?" twice, he said "I don't know."
He said we are just not compatible.
After then, I just haven't contacted with him for 2 weeks and I will contact agian after this semester is done.

And I saw one post which he pushed like button on fb today1
The picture said "If you work hard enough you can replace depression with exhaustion"
Can I assume what is going on his mind for that?
I just want to believe that he is missing me at least a little bit.


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  • I'm sure he misses you. You are probably the one who made him feel rejected by not giving him the time of day. Maybe you are not ready for a relationship?

    • I just wanted to be in a relationship but I actually didn't have time for that :( but the one that wanted to end this relationship and lost interest was him. I just doubt if he misses me

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  • Maybe he has something else on his mind and breaking up didn't help.
    Maybe he enjoys playing with you.
    also maybe he isn't ready for a relationship like he thought he was
    any way he should let you know instead of playing the childish i don't know game


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