What a scumbag ex feels when you no longer reply to their texts?

my ex dumped me a yr ago, later we started dating again, and she treated me like crap again, after soooooo much shit i finally became a man and simply STOPPED it, i just didn't reply to her. She was the one saying "i realized i dont wanna be with you anymore" and since i can't be friends with someone i love in that way i stopped it, but that was after she humiliated me soo much, you have no idea.

So after that she dm'd me on twitter saying "have a good life <3 i love you" , weeks later she dm'd me again giving me updates about her life and asking me to keep in touch because she will "ALWAYS CARE ABOUT ME" , she saw me on a friend snapchat just having fun and dancing and she screenshotted things and hit my female friend up talking (i dont know about what) ...
and now hit me up on fb saying "good luck" with one of those fb emoticons , i read it but didn't reply because wtf.. later she said "why are you ignoring me?"

i simply find it stressing to even reply to her because i know she will try to manipulate me again with the same i love you crap to make me fall again and try to use me and humiliate me and then cut me loose again for some dumb shit and not working on the relationship not as much as i did, AND CLAIM SHE IS NOT IN LOVE WITH ME AND CALLING ME NOT ENOUGH MAN for her, and cheap and a bunch of shit..

so tell me, what an ex feels when you just ignore them? what does she want?
What a scumbag ex feels when you no longer reply to their texts?
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