Why would he try make me jealous and do such a evil thing?

Okay so I went out to the club last night. I have been seeing a man for two years anyway we spoke like two days ago. Anyway he knew I was going to a certain club all week because I had as my status anyway he turned up at that club with another girl. I sAid to him are you with her and he said yes and I said okay and walked off I never said anything more and I'm not going to. Why would a full grown man of 38 go out of his way to take a girl out so I see on a Saturday night?


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  • You sure he wasn't just there anyway? Did he approach you or did you approach him when you were there? You can't say for sure that he was fully intent on making you jealous. Either way just try to forget about it and focus on other things, he's not worth getting jealous over.

    • He knew I was going , why would he turn up with another girl? What could be the reason for that then. And I walked past him and asked him are you with her and he said yes. He only messaged me two days ago so why do that

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  • Depends. Did you guys argue/split?


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