My girlfriend left me for my brother?

My brother and I lease an apartment together. One day, he bought 2 PlayStation Vitas and I took one from him without paying. He was single, so he saw those as a past time. He got really mad to the point where he started to flirt with my girlfriend. He then kissed her and slept with her. My girlfriend had an affair with him for a while and then dumped me for him. Since my brother and I live together, she ckmes around often to sleep with my brother. What do I do?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Well seeing you fucked up big time, do the decent thing and move out and give your brother some space.

  • Move the f*ck out or tell them to bang at her place? What kind if crappy broter would do this anyways?


What Guys Said 1

  • finally you know what women really want. I'm glad... let this be a lesson to you for the future. Women are always power and money greedy... i mean ALWAYS. So fuck them and quickly as you can and leave before she breaks your heart.


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