What the hell should I do?

Me and my girlfriend broke up a couple weeks ago. She started acting all jealous and was getting pissed that i was hanging out with other girls so soon. I kept telling her that i didn't hook up with anyone or anything like that which is true. She came over this weekend and we worked things out and had an awesome time and she was saying how much she loved and missed me, but then before she left i saw some dude blowing up her phone wondering why she wasn't answering and said something like "im getting worried that my girlfriend hasn't answered me in a couple days". I questioned her about it and she said he was just some dude she knew when she was a kid and ran into him at work and had just been texting and bein friendly with him for the past few days and that she was getting the feeling he was into her but she never even hung out with him or anything. I broke up with her over it, and she was crying and pleading me not to, and swearing on her family and son that nothing happened with the guy and that there was nothing going on. She even sent him a text in front of me saying "i worked things out with my boyfriend and i dont want to give u the impression i want anything with you, sorry but im not interested" and then she blocked his number. She even got her mom to call me and tell me that she knew the guy and that there was nothing between them and that she had not been anywhere besides work and home, so there's no chance she could have been hanging out with anyone. I dont know what to do cuz i love her so much and dont want to break up but i also can't stand the thought that she mightve been with someone else. If i break up ill be heartbroken and if i stay with her, then ill be paranoid. I don't know what to do. Any advice would be very helpful.


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  • if you want to work things out you need to put the break up behind you. if either of you are seeing anyone else neither of you had a reason to be mad because you were not together. she could still be accusing you of stuff and if she is not then just let bygones be bygones and do what makes you guys be happy. trust and love one another or get out.

    • True. Problem is we were only broken up for 2 weeks, and she was acting weird and distant for a couple weeks towards the end. Im paranoid that she met this guy before we broke up and then decided later she wanted me instead. No matter how u spin it that is NOT cool. I won't be some douchebag that lets his girl jerk him around while she decides who she wants to be with.

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    • Sounds simple except that I've never given her a reason to not trust me and she has. I don't know there's no simple answer

    • no there isn't I'm just giving you another perspective whatever decision you make you need to make it quicker because if you drag it out then you're no better than her (assuming she did anything)

  • Hey,

    In my opinion you are not being fair. You had reservations about this guy and as you said she did everything to could to show you he meant nothing, even though this was the person she probably turned to for help when she had lost you the first time and was probably a good friend for her.
    You said yourself you were hanging out with girls too and although you didn't 'hook up' with anyone, at the end of the day you two were seperated so if either or both of you had done that then you have no right to get pissed.

    If however she was emotionally involved with someone, which is unlikely in a few weeks, then you should be more worried but like I said if she has done this much fo you, you need to appreciate that and maybe you two should work on a way to rebuild your trust?

    I hope this helps :)


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  • Do what you think is right. The fact that she got jealous from you being around other girls tells me she doesn't trust you and if she doesn't trust yo then there's no point really. Trust is a key factor of a relationships success and if you don't have it then its pointless. I don't know about you but if my girlfriend told me I can't hangout with a girl that's a good friend of mine or she was starting to get jealous I would leave her but that's just me.

    • Well i barely knew this girl and she tried to kiss me it wasn't a friend or anything. So i can see how it would make her uncomfortable. I trusted her up until i saw those texts now I don't know. I can't decide whats right cuz i can't know the full truth

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    • lol exes are different. they aren't really friends. You wouldn't have a relationship if not for sexual attraction.

    • @soupfairy I know they're different. This is why I always wonder why she even bothered to say she didn't want us to become randoms or strangers. She said, she wanted space and after that space we would work on rebuilding our friendship but she said, she would text me when she was ready to but she didn't know when she would text me. I don't think she was lying considering she doesn't like leading people on but I don't get what's so hard about telling an ex no or blocking them when you could care less about them.

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