Should I tell my sister her boyfriend flirted with me?

My older sister has a boyfriend and they've been together for 2 years but it only came out some months ago that they're together.

He is a family friend so he had my number and texted me for quite a while, I never liked him or anything and never put any effort into my replies and sometimes ignored him.

He told me how beautiful he thinks I am, asked me if we could meet (I refused ) and finally asked me if i do any butt exercises because he noticed my butt got bigger. I said no and blocked him everywhere.

I still have the conversation saved, so I do have proof.

Should I tell her and risk them breaking up or just shut up because it was a year ago?


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  • Maybe you just need to have a sisterly talk with her and ask her how everything is going with him. Tell her there is just something about him that doesn't seem right sometimes and see how she responds. If she starts to say she also feels something isn't right, then bring up what happened. If your sister is totally happy and doesn't hint to anything wrong. I would keep it to yourself.


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  • i probably would tell my sibling. it is tricky to figure out how to tell her. i may just tell her exactly what he said. explain that you felt like it was inappropriate and flirty but weren't quite sure how to take it.

  • Has this convo happened while they were together? Then I might say something.

    • Yeah, they were together when it happened.

    • Then I probably would. Because that shows a pattern of being a sleazeball and you don't want your sister being with someone bold enough to hit on their younger sister.

  • Why don't you just have some fun with him, nobody has to know. You both know well what the intentions of flirting are anyways


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