Why did my ex decide to unblock me after intitating contact with me?

Two months ago my ex and I had a fight, and my ex ended up blocking me on messenger and texting. Last week we crossed paths, and he initiated contact with me to catch up on how I was doing.
Later that day I was looking through facebook. I’m not friends with my ex, but we have mutual friends. I could see that he had commented on a post and by accident i clicked on his profile (and yes it really was an accident, and not just out of curiosity). Then i noticed that he had unblocked me. Now i'm just confused as to why he would do that. It just seems like a really weird coincidence that he initiates contact with me and then unblocks me? Should I read something into this? Or is he just being weird?


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  • Why do you care? He's an ex


What Girls Said 1

  • there's a few options:
    1) he wants you back (unlikely but possible)
    2) he hadn't thought about you in a while and just wanted to let you know he's no longer bitter
    3) wants to be friends (wouldnt reccomend)
    4) generally curious about whats going on with you

    • Thanks for your opinion!
      I really don't want his friendship nor do I want to get back together with him.
      I just don't get why he would all of a sudden be interested in my friendship or curious about me, when he back then made it quite clear that he didn't want me to contact him. So why enable communication if you really don't want it? Wouldn't it have been easier to just leave me blocked and not talk to me at all?

    • Men do strange things haha thats about the best explanation I've got!

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