Do girls like guys to have had previous girlfriends?

Does it make a guy more attractive to have had more or less girlfriends? How about a guy who is over 20 years old who has never had a girlfriend, or the same age who has had seven or more?


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  • I guess this very much depends on the girl. But I believe most girls do not want their boyfriend or a guy they are interested in to have had too many (ex-)girlfriends as it could mean they are a player, or someone who gets easily bored with girls and move on. Most girls want some level of commitment from a guy, i.e. they won't cheat on them and move onto other girls. Unless the girl is looking for pure fun, they are unlikely to waste time on a player.

    Personally, I would be a bit shocked if a guy said he had more than 7 girlfriends at the approximate age of 20, but then again, it depends on what he means by girlfriends. Whether those were serious relationships or short-term ones which are more on the just dating side.

    As for a guy who never had a girlfriend at 20 or older, it very much depends on why that is so. I would never disrespect someone who hasn't or consider him a geek. There could be reasons why a guy hasn't ever had a girlfriend. Maybe due to high expectations, not ready for relationship, never met the right girl, or meeting the wrong girls. Many male friends have said how they feel depressed that they never had a girlfriend, and always, I just tell them to wait, and it happen. You may also find it surprising, that I have a few male friends in their late 20s who never had a girlfriend, yet again all due to various reasons.

    Personally, I would prefer to date a guy with fewer ex-gfs than a large number of them.

    • Seriously, it's way easier for a girl to get a boyfriend than it is for a guy to get a girlfriend

    • I'm not in a position to disagree with you on that one, since I have no idea of the stats. I would have to say it is difficult for either sex to get a partner if they appear desperate. But going back to the question, whatever reason why a guy hasn't had a girlfriend, I would never disrespect them or think they are weird. A guy's potential to be a good boyfriend is not based on how many girl friends he has had.

      I hope you meet that special girl soon.

    • Doesn't change my opinion

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  • I think it actually depends on the reason why the guy didn't have girlfriends. He could have been too busy with school or sports to commit. He might have been working out personal or family problems and didn't want to drag someone else into the mess. There's nothing shameful about that. I know the nicest, smartest and most talented guy who all the girls want, but he doesn't seem interested in dating. He told me that he hasn't met a girl he really wants to BE with, and he was sincere.

  • I would personally prefer the guy who has had no girlfriends. If I can I would love to find a guy who has basically no experience so then I can be his first for everything. =)

    • I sure hope there are a lot of girls like you out there. I'ma need it someday. Thanks for boosting my hopes. :3

    • Haha you're welcome. And don't worry I have friends like me too so there are other girls like me! But you just have to look for the right ones. Chances are, the less experienced the girl is, the less experienced she wants the guy to be. And the more serious she is about wanting a relationship instead of a hook up, the higher the chance she wants a less experienced guy. =)

  • The guy I'm currently seeing has had 2 other girlfriends, he's 22. I think anything less than 5 is good, of course as time goes on the numbers can go up. The more girls he's dated I'm just worried about if I'm as good as them, or if I'm prettier, or funnier. The more girls he's been with is just more girls I have to compare myself with so less is better.


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  • I feel you, because I'm 22 years old and I've always been single, never had a girlfriend, seriously, it's way easier for a girl to get a boyfriend than it is for a guy to get a girlfriend.


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