What do I do if he has feelings for his ex?

We have a very long relationship history in regards to his ex. I was constantly insecure that he still had feelings for her and was going to cheat on me. He honestly reassured me he was in love with only me. Eventually, I gained full trust in him-- after many fights I created over the idea of his ex. I broke up with him hastily as a result of a bad day. I immediately regretted it, knowing it wasn't how I truly felt. He decided it was for the better, because as a result, he ended up in a very confusing time in regards to his emotions. My leaving him sparked feelings for his ex. He claims he knows he should marry me, be with me. He claims that he knows he will regret his decision to remain broken up because he knows I'm the right choice. However, he says I deserve someone who can fully commit themselves to me. For that reason, he has chosen to remain broken up. He says he wants to work on his emotions, find closure, then come back to me once he is ready to fully commit himself to me. I want nothing more than to be with him. I do want someone to dedicate themselves to me entirely, but I'm willing to be there during his process I've expressed these feelings, still, he thinks I deserve much more. I don't know what to do, as I want nothing more than to be with him but also feel angry about his feelings towards his ex.
What do I do if he has feelings for his ex?
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