How can I change this?

So my girlfriend and I broke up and I already have severe depression so now I'm even more depressed. I need suggestions I need help I don't want to be sad anymore.


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  • Get busy... take your anti depressants regularly.. eat healthy.. cry.. font drink... talk vent... take yourself out on dates... do group activities.. read a new book.. ride ur bike.. take a train into the city.. cook a new recipe... call a really old friend.. try a new hair style.. or get a haircut... get a new shirt... throw away all of the ex's pictures... get busy.. work extra.. go to church.. hang out with your family... volunteer at hospital.. volunteer at a nursing home... visit someone far away

    • I Don't have anti depressants

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  • Been there man. Party slut girlfriend cheated on me behind my back 2 months ago. Wanted to kill myself, Was my first love. (Had lots of girls before that though) I'm doing wayyy better now. here's what will help, do all of these:
    Don't isolate urself- talk to as much friends and family as you can, people that care about you. DONT BE ALONE
    -Lift weights, go workout get into the best shape you can
    - get a haircut
    - go to the strip club with your friend
    - cut off ALL FUCKING CONTACT WITH HER, she's dead to you, she doesn't exist, block her on everything trust me
    -get better/new clothes
    - go hard as fuck in work or school, get a better job
    - and finally the holy grail, talk to other chicks, sex/dating optional


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  • Just try to be optimistic, don't think too much, don't overthink. Try to forget a little about her and focus on yourself, do what you love to do, go to gym, go out with friends and meet other girls. Go for long walks with your bestfriend, or with your pet if you have one. All this gonna make you feel kind of relaxed, I know it´s hard, I've been through this too, I know how it feels, it feels like hell but you can do it, you can be even stronger, and if she takes her time and wants you back, she will probably come back to you, you just have to be happy.

  • when I was depressed from heartbreak I worked out everyday to distract from the pain and honestly to make him feel regret when he saw me thin and hot. And improving myself was better then wallowing in self pity. Months later I'm 20 lbs lighter, healthier, prettier, feel great, have a great new boyfriend, and wonder why I ever even liked that other guy.

    Find a distraction, focus on improving you, and time heals.


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