Should I send this text to her?

I don't want to make a long post so I'll cut to the chase, me and my girlfriend broke up because "she doesn't know if she loves me, she thought we were moving to fast, kept apologizing , told me that a relationship shouldn't have someone just wait for someone and coming up with many reasons that didn't matter to her before but I feel it has to do with personal stressful problems that have begun happening ( I won't go into details but assume the worst). It's been almost a week with no contact and I just thought that I should send her a text "that I still love her a lot and that I hope she is doing well and maybe one day we can hang out again" or just give her her space since she said she wanted to be friends and hang out. (We made out one last time before the break up)
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  • No honey. She has ended the relationship so continuing to make contact like this is just clinging

    Try and focus on other things and give yourself some time to heal


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  • Don't text her... just don't do it. Find a new girl to focus your energy into.

    • No girls have ever interested me from birth until now

    • There's a reason why and your girlfriend summed it up perfectly. You fall for a girl too fast and too soon, women don't like guys who seem desperate, they like being kept chasing.

      If you managed to get one girl you WILL find many others trust me.

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  • No, I really advise against this. I suggest you research the no contact method. Not that you have to follow this but it explains the push and pull method that will make he draw away further from you if you push things like that.

  • Might as well reach out... if she turns you down leave her alone and move on


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