Has anyone ever told you that in time you will get over your ex? That the pain amd feelings were only temporary?

The wrong thing i learn in life is if you truly truly love someone and i mean truly loved them. Accpted them for who they were and put up with bs you never would then the pain may go away but your feeling for them never will. But you will learn to accpted things in time and even how to cope with it.


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  • Well I did and I'm starting to heal slowly. Took me a year and the wound is still just as fresh somedays but heartbreak in the end makes you stronger.

    • Heart break does make you strong and i am also beaking slowly as will. It been 2 years and just like you said sometimes i feel nothing at all then boom i feel pain but not as bad as it use to be thank god. But i mostly mean how you feel about the person the shit you can't control. Like my heart skips everytime i see my ex and i hide so she can't see me. But thats something am now gonna stop doing i have accpeted what happened but hate the fact am still in love with her i belive. Even through i got a new girlfriend am very happy with

    • Yeah well after a while you realize you just deserve better. I really tried and I was so dedicated but you can't force someone to see how good they have it. Whatever. Just move on and smile and think of it as a learning experience.

    • Thats what am doing now is smiling amd pushing forwide wil trying too lol. And i do known i deserve better and habe thought everything out already. Which i just post a quetiom aboutnit

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  • Yea probably. The love and feelings evolve into something different but nevertheless still there just in a different form

    • Yea i argee i mean i hear about some people saying they dont love a ex anymore yet hide when they see them or they are just on n off friends with benefits. If your over a ex then why hide or be fwb? i still love my ex with all my heart sadly but i now knowm better.

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  • They are temporary. I've been divorced twice, plus had plenty of girlfriends over the years. It IS tough - but time passes and the hurt lessens, may even go away entirely. I can't even remember the names of some girls who broke my heart :p

    • Am not talking about pain. Am taking about how you feel about them, the feeling you have no control over. When you see your ex wifes do you still wanna bang them? does your heart skip a beat? 2 years later my heart still does skip when i see my ex

    • Sure - you've had an intimate emotional history with them - that won't just vanish.

    • Yea some people say that they dont even feel that

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