What would you say to your ex to ask them once and for all if they still love you?

My ex and I dated two years ago. I still love him. I didn't know that he still had feelings for me until we met up a few months ago. I was playing it cool, staying away from topics like the past, and how much I still loved him. But he shocked me and initiated all the I love yous and the hand holding and the making out... he said he loved me. I believed him and then he pulled away again by saying we shouldn't continue because he doesn't want to hurt me again. All I know for sure is that I still love him with everything I have and I want to know what you would say to your ex if you just wanted to know where you stand/if there's still any hope for a relationship.


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  • If I was you, I would message him and tell him that you do still have feelings for him, and he clearly has feelings for you, and suggest starting the relationship afresh. You can go on dates and spend quality time together, and avoid too much physical contact or saying things like i love you or miss you.
    By doing this you allow yourself to learn more about how you both feel and it will give a better insight to whether a relationship is what you both want or if one or both of you just still have a raging passion for the other but mistake it for wanting to be with them.
    I hope this helps :)


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  • Lol absolutely nothing. He had his chance to make things right yet all he did was push away and be cruel. The way I see it is he lost out on a girl that loved him like crazy so whatevs. I am officially in a state of Idc anymore. I'm moving on to better things.


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