Friendship advise?

Me and my ex boyfriend are best friends. We have been broken up for a couple years now. I am now in a new relationship and so is he. He broke up with me and hurt me really bad but we got over it. While we were dating I cheated on him. He is now hanging out with the guy I cheated on him with so I was wondering if I should tell him before the other guy does. I know it will hurt him but I would rather him hear it from me then from the other guy. Should I tell him or keep it to myself?


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  • Go ahead and tell him, buttttt, you're probably going to lose a boyfriend


What Girls Said 2

  • If you're still good friends with your ex, then maybe its bettet to tell him first, before he finds out through his friend.
    Otherwise it could hurt the friendship you two have, and of course that will only make issues arise, which will end up hurting both people.
    Do the right thing, be honest and tell him. He'll probably not take it well, but being truthful is better than trying to hide it. The truth always comes out eventually. It's better sooner than later

  • Tell him. You've already betrayed his trust once so withholding that info from him will be like betraying him a second time. It's best to be upfront and honest with him from now on... even if honesty hurts him.


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