What do u do with ur exes shit?

So I broke up with the guy like a year ago and he gave me back all the stuff I gave him for like holidays, birthdays, and etc the only thing he didn't give back was the damn picture frame but gave me back the picture in it though... anyway I have all his shit in a bag like wouldn't take sweatpants or sweatshirts he had gave me too I mean what hell am I suppose to do with that and it isn't like I did anything bad like cheat I just didn't like how he was treating me he would get all possessive and demanding I was tired of it so I dumped him but in a gentle way cuz I HATE drama. Basically I still see him at school do I give him his shit back all in that bag or do I take it to good will? I just want it gone it only pisses me off when I see it cuz I let him treat me not the best way. So any ideas?
What do u do with ur exes shit?
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