Is it normal to feel this way after breaking up? what does it mean?

So its been a few months since breaking it off with my ex. He was the one to initiate the break up and I was really heartbroken for all those months. But maybe the last two months, I've been moving on and really dont feel the urge to talk to him or see him like I felt before. The fact that he kept contacting me didn't help. So as for other guys, my plan is to be single for a while and not get involved with anyone for a long time. One cause I want to be single and two because I know I won't find someone I love like I loved him even though he hurt me emotionally. There is a slight chance of us getting back together in the future as we said but we didn't officially say it will happen. so with that being said, I have been seeing this guy and he is the first one for me to get close to physically as in kissing and a little foreplay. But although I dont miss my ex as much, and its been this long, whenever I'm with this guy especially physically, I feel like Im cheating on my ex. Or I feel like everything I do and I am belongs to my ex so me sharing it with another guy makes me feel really guilty. My ex was my first love and everything I did for him was unique and special, just for him, or so I felt so I'm doing those particular things with this guy and I can't help but stop myself and think of my ex. I guess I needed to have someone to really make me figure out if Im over my ex or not so it looks like Im not. I thought I was but then again, I didn't have anyone. Now that I do, I just think of my ex all the time and feel like I belong to him and Im cheating on him.


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  • you tried to talk to your ex maybe he get a new girlfriend so you can be as a sister for him and it's normal to think by this way if you made relationship with sex but you can be that close as a friend or as a sister


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