When do guys who dump a woman, decide to reach out and why?

Have you ever dumped someone and then decided to reach back out to her? if so why? Waa is it guilt or regret? how long aftee Break up did you do it?


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  • It might be guilt or regret, but the truth is that usually the guy just wants to keep the woman as a possible option and is trying to keep on fairly good terms with her so that he can make a move when the better options run dry.

    I admit, I've done this many times before and it's not a particularly nice thing to do. My recommendation is that if this is happening to you, feel free to talk to the guy if you want to, but be wary of anything he says, especially if it's some cheesy crap about how messing things up with you is the biggest regret of his life.

    • Nah my break up is new... he dumped me a little ovee 2 weeks ago. Haven't heard from him. I don't know what even happened , he dumped me over text and never to be heard from again, except to tell me to get my stuff, which i picked up from his porch this past Monday. We had been together 2 years.
      He won't speak to me or see me... not sure what went wrong, we never fought and we had a small fight that day but we talked through it andresolved it. He told me loved me and i left happy and he seemed happy. A few hrs later he dumped me on text angry.
      Im hoping with time and space, he comes back around to at least talk to me. This is so out of character of him.

    • You know, I don't know the details of what happened there but just the thought of what you said upsets me. I mean, your age is listed as 36-45 and I assume he's around that same age either. Treating people like that is something that a 22 year old would do, but there comes a point in your life where you realize that people deserve to be treated like human beings.

      Anyway, I'm sorry that happened but I know you're better off without this guy.

    • Yeah he's 45, i didn't expect this at our age (im 36). And especially since we were together awhile. And there are kids involved. I dont even know if his son knows we split up and that breaks my heart.

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  • In my experience, guys usually reach out when they want some free sex on the side.

    I've also never had a guy come back who wanted something for real again. Mostly they just want someone to fill the void and want the benefits without commitment again.

    There are always exceptions though but there's no sane or logical reason to believe a ex will come back if he dumped you. That doesn't happen as much.


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  • It is a perfectly normal behaviour for people to reach out to their ex partners. As people, we like having connections with a fellow human being.

    Breakups happen for reasons that might be beyond the control of one or both parties. It doesn't necessarily mean the person who broke up the relation didn't care.

    After a breakup, each party carries with them memories of the other. At some point in the future, fun or sad memories would flash in their minds. Some would want to act on their memories while some won't.

    Those who act on their memories, do so to remind the other person they still care. Others reach out to put right what they did wrong.

    For some, it could take years, months, weeks, or days to reach out to their exes.

    I can think of three women I have reached out to after dumping them. I got back to two of them within two years, and the other within six weeks. I can think of a few women who were genuinely interested in me but i stopped talking with them. A year or so after, I reached out to them.

  • To pick up my favorite shirt, she went with it.


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