Why is he being so cold?

Hi, my ex and I broke up about 4 months ago. Were together almost 2 years. He picked a fight with me so I gave him an out and he took it. He texted and told me and then just stopped replying. I sent a closure letter a couple of days later. He responded. I never responded back. He told me how sick he felt and was beyond upset and that I am a great girl and we could be friends. A month after the breakup I got nothing so I sent a text just asking about South Africa as he is from there and I was going on a vacation there. He really helped me out. Then a week before I left which was 3 months after I sent a text just trying to be friends. He never responded. He then sent me a happy birthday text and wished me a happy birthday a week later. I ignored it cause I wanted to have fun on my trip. Then when I got home I sent a message replying and wishing him a happy birthday. He never responded. While on vacation he watched a couple of my snapchats and then just deleted me as a friend. Why? I just wanted to be friends. Why is he acting so cold? I don t understand guys?


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  • His feelings probably resurfaced and he was trying to resist it. Gurl, just move on and make new friends, he ain't worth your time anymore.

    Its difficult for exes to be friends, especially if you've felt that way towards him/her before, its difficult for both parties to move on.

  • he is confused


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