Anyone what move to make!! Break up?

Me and my ex just broke up 3 days ago of 2 years. he is different.. he loves me to show him the exact attention women like... yeah i know. If he walks away he wants to see will i call him back and gets mad when i dont. He won't even call me at times to see if i miss him enough to call. Well we broke up over arguing about "you den call me all day" so i made his friends leave my yard. Tht set him off.. we shouted.. he left.. he called bck sayin pack his stuff i did and he got madder sending me nasty text tellin me not to contact him anymore. Now he's on a dating app trying to hook up with any girl tht will open her legs. I guess my question is should i let him enjoy hisself and wait to see if he will ever text me or should i text him letting him no i care? I dont want to seem to venerable but i feel as tho he testin me again to see if i want him bck...
Anyone what move to make!! Break up?
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