How do I talk to my ex when we were together we talked about everything?

How do I talk to my ex. We used to have good conversations when we were together. I still very much love him and hope maybe one day to be back together. We broke up in April something I did not see happening. Since then we have been having sex. Its not my ideal situation with him bc i want us back. In August he started saying that we should not being doing this anymore as it was not fair to either of us. He went back and forth with this a few times over the next month or 2. So at this point I don't know what it is or how he feels he hasn't said it for a bit. During the relationship we have had good conversations we talked a lot and now sometimes I feel awakward because i was so used to telling him everything and now Its just weird. I obviously still feel something is still there but sometimes its just awkward because i want to do more than what we are.


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  • Yea, i imagine that must suck. I see you also tried to hold on as well...
    I've always said this to many girls (which they never listen to) but sometimes its not good to tell your man everything or do everything... leave something to be sought after. but hey what do guys know about relationships huh... lol.
    its sad to see a seemingly good relationship go... but im sure there was something about it that he was dissatisfied with and its probably what i mentioned above...(yes, im insinuating that if you tell him everything, you must talk a lot or want to talk a lot), and it wasn't his thing and eventually his patience wore out. sex must have been good though. All you can do now is move on, because if you try to keep him as that friend you can talk to, them feelings will never leave.

    • Everything with the relationship was great before the breakup. He was saying how amazing I am and we were very loving. Everyone saw us happy until he broke down and closed off rom not being able to find a job. He was distant from everyone and then broke it off with me after saying he was not feeling what he thought he should at the point in our relationship. I was not expecting him to be ready to say i love you or anything at that point. yes, we did talk about a lot but it was not that crazy or much. For some reason we still come together, after going back and forth so there still has to be something there?

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    • He did wind up getting a job when we broke up and has been at that job since. He has told his bff that he needs to be able to care for himself before he can take care of anyone else. We have been doing what we have been doing since the breakup and he's gone back and forth with it. So I don't know Just a weird situation

    • yea, he's thinking like me cuz thats usually one of my reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship. Again... your feelings for him will be there... doesn't mean you gotta put yourself on hold.
      Pretend he ain't coming back, that way if he doesn't, it hurts less and if he does come back its like a good surprise and who doesn't like that. by the way, thats what i do with damn near everything so i just told you a huge secret about how and who i am.

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