Feelings of lost and sadness. (?

Well good-bye the perfect life i've ever dreamed of. Good-bye the life i wish i still had. Good-bye the positive life i look forward to in the future. My life is crumpling into pieces in seconds as i read the this text my dad decided to send me about the life ahead of me. I don't know why he couldn't have said it to my in person, but considering the outcome of the last attempt it was hard to get over it with feelings of confusion and sadness. I'm still not completely heeled from the last time i had to go through this tragic life event. i was so young at the time. I'm much older now, but i have to go through with it again. I just really hope when we go on a cruise that my dad doesn't go over board on the drinking, he must be really sad right now, b/c of the news. I pray that God has a plan for my dad and that he can have other things to help him get through this awful time in his life. Anything besides drinking would be the best. My heart is in so much pain for him. I also hope when i let other family members know about this, that i pray they don't judge my dad for his actions. He is MY dad , others should not say such hateful things to him to MY face. It's extremely disrespectful.

Also, i will be going to counseling soon. yay. so excited actually.


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