Im obsessed and confused. Help me what to do?

I need an help and advice of the majorities.

I have been with my lived in partner for 5 years and during these years we had break ups which lasted the longest of a month only. I know he really loves me up to now and have helped me in his own ways.

I admit i am obsessed with him coz i snooped around his phones and emails. But for this reason, its because he has been unfaithful at certain times spec during our first yr. and he has communicating with his exes whenever we break up. Despite of these, weve lasted till October of this yr.
For the lst two years he lost his job, i have helped him. Together we managed our finances and our relationship runs perfectly well however till i also lost my job and we both had to come back to our country and planned to returned by Oct. i left a month earlier in July and due to his financial issues he told me he had yo stay with his long time chinese ex for almost a month. & i hvetried to understand the situation.
But, things got worst when i tried to check on his contacts again or if he is chatting with any girls.
I know this is wrong, but like what i said he is checking on some social sites and try to chat with girls he like whenever he is stress in out relationship or we are apart.
And for this reason, i told him i found something again. And he got so furious and told me that he doesn't want me anymore. He has given me so many chances on my behavior and this time he couldnt forgive me anymore. I haven't come back yet to the country where we are working but he is going back this month. I still desperately want him back. I haven't talked to him for almost a month now i dont know how to talk to him if we can atill worm it out coz right after we had an argumenti begged and apologized to him.

guys and gals... i really want him back couls help me and advice me. Thanks
Im obsessed and confused. Help me what to do?
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