What does mean when he says this?

me and a guy have been dating for 8 months and i thought everything was fine until he texted me saying it was wrong from the beginning and that he just needs some space. and that he never meant to hurt me? i just saw him recently and he keeps looking at me like he did before... we always told each other that we loved one another but in the text he never said he didn't like me or love anymore? so waht does this exactly mean?


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  • Was he with someone right before you? It almost sounds like it was a rebound relationship for him.

    • yes he was... but he hares her... and right now he isn't with anyone

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    • but then why would he tell me he loved and and in the break up he never said he didn't love me or like me anymore?

    • People say things when they're hurt. Loving someone and then having that ripped away is so hard. All you want is to have that love back. He clearly didn't want it from that girl anymore and went looking for it somewhere else.

  • Hun it sounds like he's going through stuff and wants space. But being as paranoid as I am, the 'it was wrong from the beginning' comment sounds like he was using you for something

    • really? but for what could he be using me for i never gave him money or anything.. he in the other was the one that gave me stuff but i would always give it back because it was to much... i made him stop taking drugs...

    • Really. And using you as like a rebound

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