Why does he want a break and what does this mean?

My boyfriend told me he wants a break, except it was weird, he's wanted to travel for a while now and since I couldn't come he's always said no, but now he wants to go on his own. The strange part is after he initiated the break the very next morning he texted me and he told me to call him so i did, he told me "... Ofcourse I still love you and am in love with you, it's just I have a lot on my mind rn" So I asked him if we're seeing other people, he told me he's not going to, but if I want I can. then after a few more min of speaking he told me to meet him at the beach when i got there he pulled me into his arms, and held me tightly, he kissed me deeply and told me he missed me we spent a few hours together and throughout those hours he kept holding me, then he told me why he wanted the break he said we argue a lot and we need this, He said he's going to travel for a good few months, and pursue his dreams, I understand doing that and traveling.. but part of me feels there's anther woman, and he wanted this break to go around and sleep around, and im really scared because i love him so much.. what does this mean? Please no rude answers. Thankyou.
Why does he want a break and what does this mean?
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