Is it really over... Break Up or Make Up?

Last Friday, my boyfriend of four years broke my trust... once again. We have had a rollercoaster ride of a relationship, with both of us making mistakes, owning up to them and forgiving each other. Still wanting to make it work, for the love that we share. We both have children, he has a son who is seven and my daughter is 12. We do not live together and live about an hour away from each other. So weekends are usually when we are together, unless the other person has work or other engagements. What caused the breakup is that he went over to his sons mothers house around 1130pm on Friday night, to get custody papers signed. His sons mother abandoned him when he was 3 years old. I've grown to love him and become attached over the years. The purpose of the custody paper was to avoid court and this will allow him to file taxes with his son as his dependent. Long story short, he promised to call me once he left and had the paper signed. 3 hours went by and I heard nothing from him. At 3:30am he texted me this: "Baby I'm here I'm not doing nothing wrong. I love u" So I called him back immediately a few times, he didn't pick up and no further texts were received. At 10:30am I get a phone call, him telling me he is just waking up, and getting defensive to my questions of where he was all night. At this point you may be thinking I'm a paranoid person? But with reason.. he cheated on me with her in the first year of our relationship. I just don't understand why he can't answer calls or texts when he is with this woman. I don't deserve him to get up and step outside for one second, answer a call and put my mind at ease? There's been doubts about whether he is the "right" guy for me but I DON'T doubt that I love this man. I get butterflies thinking of him, especially now that I ended the relationship. Its only been a week and Im questioning whether I'm walking away from something good, that will grow into something even better. Love is there, but communication and trust, no.
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I'd like to add for clarity, that I began to call and texted him a few times around 1:30am with no response.
Is it really over... Break Up or Make Up?
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